It only stands to reason, that if  you can REACH more fish, you can CATCH more fish. One might argue that this may not be the case when fishing in freshwater for trout or bass or northern pike, however when flyfishing in saltwater- the elements of distance, speed and accuracy of your casts will have a direct bearing on your catch rate. As a Fly Fishers International Certified Fly Casting Instructor I can in short order significantly improve your flycasting abilities, enabling you to be more successful whether you are casting from shore or from a boat, in saltwater or fresh. 

I will conduct these lessons in a park or open grassy area. We will use top quality Sage,  Redington, White River and Orvis equipment (and yours if you would like). We may also relocate to a shallow body of water in order that you can experience the "loading" effect that water will have on your flyrod- and your casting techniques. I will show you casting techniques particularly useful when fishing in salt water and higher wind conditions. Lessons (and learning) are best if they are spread out over three 2 hour sessions for the beginning caster. If you are more advanced, typically many casting faults can be cured in one or two-2 hour lessons.

The Fly Fishers International is the only organization with a certified fly casting instruction program. The Casting Instructor Certification Program began in 1992 for the purpose of enhancing the overall level of instruction in fly casting, including instructor knowledge, casting proficiency, and teaching ability. IFFF certified instructors are nationally recognized as highly competent instructors. In 2009 I attended the LLBean Federation of Fly Fishers Casting Instructor Preparation Workshop in Freeport, ME and had the pleasure of being instructed by Rod McGarry and Macauley Lord, both International Federation of Fly Fishers Master Fly Casting Instructors. Rod and Macauley are both recognized world-wide as being the best of the best in flycasting instruction. Following that workshop I studied under Rod McGarry to prepare for my Certified Casting Instructor written and practical exam. In January of 2010 I was examined by Dr. Gordon (Gordy) Hill, also a Master Fly Casting Instructor and part of the IFFF's Casting Board of Governors. 
$70 per hour (minimum 2 hours) for up to 2 students
Group rates available upon request  
Location- Newport, RI
Fly Casting Lessons
Jeong Park- South Korea
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...there appear to be a few fishermen around who still can't drop a line into a tea cup at 50 paces.
H.G. Tapply
The Sportsman's Notebook (1964)

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If you are like most fly anglers you have difficulty in casting to your unfavored side. As long as you can use a standard overhead cast, without your backcast crossing the interior sections of the drift boat or center console- you're in good shape. But when the fish are to your unfavored side, you put others in the boat at risk from being hit by your fly rod, line and the hook. With a two-hour lesson I can fix that problem that will result in a higher catch rate and happier boat-mates who are no longer in danger! 

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Beginner Lessons will cover:
  • Rod, Reel, Line review & assembly
  • Pick Up and Laydown cast
  • Overhead cast
  • False Casting
  • Static Roll cast 
  • Loop control
  • Shooting line
  • Slipping line

Intermediate/ Advanced Lessons will cover:
  • Saltwater Quick cast
  • Single Haul cast
  • Double Haul cast
  • Off Shoulder cast
  • Dynamic Roll cast
  • Single Water Haul cast
  • Double Water Haul cast
  • Long-line Pickup cast
  • Casting with the Wind at your Back
  • Casting into the Wind
  • Belgian cast
  • Change of Direction cast
  • Extra High cast/ Wide loop and high trajectory
  • Barnegat Bay cast
  • Dapping