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Now What?

by Captain Jim Barr on 08/07/12

The Scenario:
You're wade fishing from the beach or in an estuary. From where you stand you cannot wade any closer to the rising fish. With all your casting techniques and effort, you cannot reach further than 70-80 feet and the fish are on top and thumbing their noses at you. They are safe because they are not tempted by your offering.

What do you do?
You get frustrated, you may curse, you muse with your buddies that you wish you had a boat... but you're "sunk" for that outing.

A better solution:
You buy an 11 foot- 8 weight Switch rod, you put a technical "switch- type" line on a spare spool, take a few lessons from a qualified fly casting instructor and the next time you're presented with a similar scenario you are able to cast the entire line with ease. Sounds simple enough to me!

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