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by Captain Jim Barr on 03/02/13

Scenario: Fly fishing in Newport at certain harbor beaches (or anywhere for that matter where sand eels are on top or near the top of the water column).

1. If the sand eels are tiny (1-2") and they are swarming in the upper water column. Get rid of any fluorocarbon tippet you may be using on your floating line (when was the last time you cleaned your floating line?) Not cleaning it on a regular basis will cause it to sink. Switch your leader/ tippet system to all monofilament.
2. If your pattern is not riding on top or high enough in the water column, tie in a Thingamabobber (the small version) to your leader about 4 feet up from the fly. Use the version that has the peg so it won't slip down the leader as you false cast. It's a bit clunky to cast. Remember your not using it as a nymphing strike indicator as you would for freshwater trout fishing, rather you are simply using the Thinga.... to keep the fly pattern high in the water column.

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