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Weed 'n Tag

by Captain Jim Barr on 03/02/13

Fishing the worm hatch on a night where there's lots of weed in the water? With every retrieve you have weed on the nose of the fly and the hook. You know the bass won't touch it. Several remedies:
-During your false casting you will hear the weed on the fly. It will sound like a flag blowing in 20 kts of wind. Make your casting starts and stops very crisp and with a very powerful series of false casts (be careful of the tailing loop) and most times you can cast the weed free.

-Sometimes a water haul provides enough tension to tippet and fly and you can pull the weed off during the haul in the casting stroke.
- Another tip that works well. Have several pre-tied leader systems in plastic sandwich bags. When you construct the tapered leader, instead of using double or triple surgeons knots (the easiest), use instead a series of Blood Knots. However leave the tag ends, don't clip them off. I leave mine about a half an inch long. As you strip the fly, the tag ends catch the weed in the water and don't allow it to run down the leader to the head of the fly and the hook bend. By leaving the tag ends, the surface tension of the water helps float the monofilament leader or maintains it just below the surface (do not use Fluorocarbon material- its too heavy and will pull down those light-weight patterns).

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